Our team is comprised of personable and responsive technology professionals who provide our clients with a comprehensive and highly capable IT department.

Service Desk Engineers
respond immediately to assist end-users with technical issues and requests
Technical Account Managers
develop your IT Roadmap and meet with you for guidance and planning
Field Engineers
are onsite consistently for proactive work to keep IT environments healthy
Senior Engineers
architect business-specific solutions, implement IT projects, and increase security

We answer 100% of calls that come in during business hours


Our cloud-based, encrypted tools are best-in-class, helping us to monitor and manage your IT infrastructure as well as increase uptime. We give our clients access and login credentials to these systems.


We partner with the highest-rated companies to provide the best products to you at no additional charge:

  • Anti-malware
  • Anti-virus
  • Internet browsing security
  • Remote access
Network Monitoring and Remote Management’ Mobile device management Customized Ticketing System Cloud-Based IT Documentation

Parachute manages, inventories and audits all devices within your network

Technical Business Review Meetings

Your Technical Account Manager meets with you on a regular basis to discuss:

  • IT planning
  • budgeting assistance
  • report findings and audit results
  • proactive recommendations

These important meetings foster effective communication, keep expectations clear, and move decisions forward.

IT Roadmap

We partner with you to create a customized IT Roadmap that aligns technology with business strategy and goals. This living document encourages collaboration between business and technology leaders, forecasts IT investments, sets the priorities, details the timelines, and illustrates the benefits and expected results of every initiative.

We build long-term, positive client relationships by delivering:

Transparency to our tools, systems, and work flow
Professional and responsive communication
Clear and realistic expectations
High quality results that meet growth and security needs


We develop a strategic IT standardization policy that increases efficiency, creates greater reliability within your network, and enables your business to scale easily.


Parachute manages the lifecycle of your entire IT infrastructure, including:

  • IT Assets
  • Warranties
  • Software Licensing

Our procurements team takes care of all IT-related research and purchases on your behalf


Parachute manages all technology-related vendors on your behalf. We consolidate, streamline, and negotiate all third-party relationships. Our team knows the right questions to ask, knows how to escalate issues, and knows how to get results – fast.


We keep our clients operating during and after an unplanned event. Parachute’s customized business continuity plans account for not only backup, recovery, and failovers, but also mobility, work flows, and employee communication.