As your IT partner, we align technology to meet your specific needs and growth goals. Our Managed IT Services team monitors and proactively manages the entire infrastructure so issues don’t get in the way of primary business functions.

You receive relevant recommendations, budgeting assistance, short and long-term planning, as well as comprehensive network reports and security audits during Technical Business Review meetings. These important discussions put you in a position to make informed decisions that will benefit your company. 

Included with Parachute’s Managed IT Services


monitoring, updates, imaging, remote/online support


monitoring, security,


licensing, patching, management


procurement, warranty management


licensing and



security, reporting, guidance, project planning

Immediate Cost Savings with Parachute’s Managed IT Services:

Warranty Management
Internet Service Audit
Telecom/VoIP Review
Negotiated Equipment Discounts
Hardware as a Service (HaaS) and other monthly financing options
License Management

Enterprise Tools included with Parachute’s Managed IT Services

Encrypted Cloud-based IT documentation

We have made significant investments into our tools and systems in order to optimize and thoroughly support the IT infrastructure behind your business activities. This is how we make technology a strategic asset for your organization.
Client Accessible Ticketing System
Remote Monitoring & Management
Warranty & Lifecycle Management
Cloud & Internet Security Platform

Additional Value with Parachute’s Managed IT Services

Backup success verification
Workflow analysis and team interviews
IT standardization plan
Built-in IT security tools
Mobile device management solutions
A local help desk who answers the phone

The Managed IT Service Team: Your IT Department

With Parachute you have an enterprise-level IT team supporting your end-users and IT environment.

Our team is highly experienced, professional, and personable.

All team members of Parachute are full-time employees and are fully insured.

Service Desk Engineers

Your local Service Desk provides a personable and reliable response, answering all calls directly. Clients receive immediate support or can request a specific time for assistance. This team customizes our tools and systems for each client to ensure their IT environments are optimized, monitored, and automated appropriately.

Field Engineers

Field Engineers develop a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, team, and work flows. During regularly scheduled onsite appointments, they spend time working on proactive tasks such network tests, backup restores, server infrastructure checks, and documentation updates to keep our clients’ IT environment healthy. 

Senior Engineers

IT Solutions Architects and IT Security Experts are responsible for executing technical projects such as building server infrastructure, migrating data and applications to the cloud, designing new networks, and implementing advanced layers of security. They are also an escalation point for issues that require advanced skills. 

Technical Account Manager

Your Technical Account Manager partners with you to build an IT Roadmap. This 1 – 3 year plan aligns IT strategy with business growth, sets the priorities, and encourages collaboration and buy-in. Your Technical Account Manager meets with you regularly for IT planning, budgeting assistance, and proactive recommendations.


You receive full access to our cloud-based ticketing system, remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool, as well as our cloud-based IT documentation platform. You can see for yourself the progress and accomplishments we are making on your behalf.

Working with Parachute’s Managed IT Services, you will receive:

A friendly human to speak with every time you call, and a quick, reliable response to requests
An enterprise-level IT department; a professional team dedicated to your business
24/7/365 best-in-class monitoring and alerting of your entire IT infrastructure
Technical Business Review meetings for strategic guidance, budgeting assistance, and planning
A self-managed vendor that will give you back more time and peace of mind