VoIP Consultation in the San Francisco Bay Area with ParachuteBrian setting up an new VoIP system for Launch, Inc.

VoIP Consultation:

Part of our Comprehensive Managed IT Service Plan

When a new phone system is needed, our Managed IT Service plan includes VoIP Consultation services. Parachute will meet with you to learn about your business communication goals. We partner with you to determine what kind of phone system is best for the needs of your company today and in the future. Part of the process is to determine and document your needs for (including, but not limited to the following):

  • CRM system integration
  • Mobility and soft phone compatibility
  • Email integration and voicemail transcription
  • Internal quality control and training, such as management listen-in
  • Conference calls

As part of our VoIP Consultation services, we will develop an RFP specific to your requirements, which will be submitted to a handful of known, quality providers. During the evaluation process we will facilitate the demonstration of features and hardware options.  Once the vendors are narrowed down or an educated decision is made, Parachute will negotiate pricing on your behalf and review the contractual agreement before signature. We help manage the entire implementation of the VoIP product and ensure facilitate the training process provided by the VoIP vendor for your team members to have the opportunity to learn the feature sets included in their new offering.


Call Parachute today to see how our Managed IT Service plan can help you with all of your phone solutions and VoIP consultation needs!