Technical support was just the beginning…

We began with one mission; to provide exceptional technical support to companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. By ensuring our clients had a trusted technical support team and IT partner, our business grew right along with theirs.

As our clients’ needs expanded so did our service offerings. By providing proactive IT consulting and planning, we quickly added value to companies that didn’t have a CTO or CIO. We realized that if we optimized the IT infrastructure, fixing the issue at the core, less problems would arise. When there were less problems, we could focus on being more proactive. The more proactive our technical support services, the more our clients saw the value in partnering with us. Clients were happier because IT was just working. They saw us more than just a technical support team, we were now a long-term IT partner.

Our goal has always been to go far beyond technical support. We now have a direct impact on our clients’ revenue generating activities. Our team ensures our clients make the right IT investments. Parachute builds multi-year client relationships by being responsive, transparent, and personable. We deliver high quality IT services, IT support, and technical projects that help our clients protect and scale their businesses. We are proud to be a Best-In-Class Managed IT Service Provider.

Jan 2003

Grassroots Consulting is founded as a technical support and projects company

Jan 2004

Grassroots Consulting expands rapidly into a managed service model

Jan 2005

Parachute is founded as a technical support company

Jan 2007

With a team of 6, Parachute begins to provide IT consulting and projects

Jan 2008

Parachute expands as companies during the economic downturn look to outsource their IT, opening a larger office in SoMa and hiring more employees

Jan 2012

Parachute and Grassroots Consulting merge to become Parachute Technology, Inc., a premiere managed IT services company

Jan 2013

A expansion investment is made and Parachute moves from SoMa to the Financial District

Jan 2014

Parachute opens its Network Operations Center (NOC) in San Ramon, CA

Jan 2015

Parachute launches 6 enterprise-level systems and IT security products, and signs a service contract with Goldman Sachs and Synergy Global

Jan 2016

Parachute hires a COO and an IT Security Expert, and brings Sega on as a client

Jan 2017

Parachute achieves elevated certifications with Azure, AWS, Microsoft, and Cisco

How did Ashley and Elmo become business partners?

Ashley and Elmo met mid-2012 through a mutual colleague. She thought they would enjoy meeting each other and possibly sharing some business. Elmo and Ashley connected over the phone and decided to get together for a drink after work. They had a great time and decided to get together on a regular basis so they could discuss their businesses and how they could improve and grow.

They got together every other week for the next few months. During that time, they found that they had the same MBA from the same university, the same business values, and very similar goals for their companies. They also realized they really got along well and always had a lot of fun. Elmo mentioned to Ashley the idea of merging the companies and she agreed.

Over the next couple of months, they met to work out those details, created a shareholder agreement and decided on logistics, details, etc. They also created a new business plan and business model based on each of their 7+ years of experience (by that time) running their own IT companies. They decided to keep the name Parachute.

IT Services and Technical Support: Parachute Owners, Ashley and Elmo