First things first, what is a firewall? A firewall is a network security device that manages and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic. Management is generally based on the configurations applied and set by your managed IT service provider. These rules can be changed and edited by a trusted IT support team as needed to increase security or workflow. A firewall establishes a barrier between an internal network and the Internet, which, of course should be considered un-safe. Put in another way, a firewall is used a one layer of IT security to keep out malicious activity, (viruses, malware, ransomware, hackers) and to protect local users (employees, customers) who are connected to the network.

Cisco Meraki is a line of firewalls for businesses. In order to purchase the devices and related equipment, a business must go through a Certified Cisco Reseller or Certified Meraki Partner. [Parachute happens to be both.] So the licensing works like this: Meraki devices use the Meraki Cloud for centralized management, which is licensed on a per device, per year basis.Licenses are available across the MR, MX and MS product lines for different time durations (1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 years). The business purchases a certain number of devices through a specific termination date. You don’t have to buy more licenses every time you buy new hardware, as licenses are sold separately from the hardware. You can upgrade equipment and migrate the license. The Meraki Dashboard will warn you when your organization is in excess of device limits. Every Meraki hardware component requires a cloud license to be managed. This is why having a reputable Managed Service Provider is so important.

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