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Your IT Partner

IT Services: team

Your IT Team

Local Parachute engineers provide responsive remote support. Proactive onsite appointments are consistent and come standard with our service model.

IT Services: data

Your Data

We ensure your data and intellectual property are secure, accessible, and recoverable. Backups are verified and file restores are tested.

IT Services: assets

Your IT Assets

Technology investments are protected and organized with our warranty and license management systems. We create procedures and automate processes.

IT Services: network

Your Network

First we optimize, then we monitor and protect. Your network is your company’s lifeline. We give you the uptime you need to be successful.

IT Services: tools and systems

Your Tools

Transparency is important. You receive full access to the enterprise-level tools we customize and manage for your business. You can see the progress we are making on your behalf.

IT Services: business goals

Your Future

With Parachute’s guidance, IT will be a strategic asset for your business. We align technology to meet specific business needs and growth goals.

Your data and your network is your company’s lifeline.

That’s why we are your Parachute.

Clients That Rely On Parachute’s IT Services

IT Services client with Parachute: Goldman Sachs
IT Services client with Parachute: Sega
IT Services client with Parachute: Public Bikes
IT Services client with Parachute: San Francisco Travel
IT Services client with Parachute: Synergy Global Housing
Best Managed IT Service Provider Client: San Francisco Travel

A Service Model that Truly Works

“SF Travel had tried, unsuccessfully, managed IT services in the past. Parachute has a service model that truly works – they extend our IT team, allowing focus to be on the people and partners of our organization, and not just the day-to-day operations. With Parachute, we’ve been able to strategically redirect our core technologies to cloud solutions, while improving processes and system access at the same time.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider in the East Bay and San Francisco

They are Truly Service Oriented

“Parachute’s commitment to understand our business has enabled them to proactively manage our IT infrastructure that continues to scale with our growth. The team is truly service oriented and is always available when we need them. Because they have expertise in virtually every aspect of IT, our executive team can sleep at night knowing we have a true IT Partner.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider IT Services for East Bay and San Francisco Businesses

Unsurpassed Customer Service

“Powermatic needed more than just a helpdesk. We needed a true, turn-key partner with a long-term vision and guidance for our company. With unsurpassed customer service and follow through, Parachute continues to prove they were the right choice.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider Client: SF Oral Surgery

A Tremendous Managed IT Service Provider

“Parachute is a tremendous managed IT service provider for our team. They have created and executed a game plan for adding new technologies, streamlining our daily workflow, ensuring HIPAA compliance, and increasing network security.  Everyone at Parachute is accountable for the technology piece of our practice so we can focus on taking care of our patients.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider: IT Services for East Bay companies and San Francisco companies

We Consider Them Part of Our Team

“The Parachute team has optimized our IT environment so we can focus on the needs of our employees and clients. They developed an IT Security Roadmap for our organization, which has given us a competitive advantage when bidding for large contracts. They have always gone above and beyond and are always attentive, proactive, and personable. Parachute is an extension of our company and we consider them part of our team.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider: our happy client Public Bikes

The Best Managed IT Service Provider

“Parachute has proven to be the best managed IT service provider for our business, implementing new equipment and applications for our office and warehouse, managing moves to new locations, supporting the opening of new retail stores, and saving us thousands each year on an Office 365 consolidation. The team is always personable, reliable, and professional. I no longer have to think about our IT infrastructure as I know they are looking out for our best interests and helping to scale our business. Whenever we need IT support, Parachute is readily available. We’re thankful we chose Parachute.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider Client: Imprint Capital

Parachute Surpassed our Expectation

“Our biggest concern used to be network security. Parachute surpassed our expectation with that and has helped us become an institutional quality firm, and fully compliant with the SEC. Clearly, they are one of the best IT consulting firms in the Bay Area. Of my accomplishments here, bringing on Parachute is at the top of the list.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider Client: Hampton O'Bannon Partners

I Whole-Heartedly Recommend Parachute

“The Parachute co-founders are invested in the success of the company and hire with client satisfaction in mind. Everyone I have interacted with is friendly, responsive, knowledgeable, empathetic, and resourceful. The team has guided and assisted me with all procurement needs of my growing firm. Whenever Parachute staff are in my office they readily blend in and feel like part of my team. I whole-heartedly recommend Parachute as a managed IT service provider.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider Client: Clipper Controls

A Major Efficiency Boost For Us

“Ever since engaging Parachute to be our IT department, we are much more confident in our network security and reliability. Their IT support team and ticketing system has taken a huge load off of me, and gets issues resolved fast for our crew members. The bottom line is that Parachute has been a major efficiency boost for us and the best IT company for our needs.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider Client: Drip Drop

They Actively Create a Trusting Partnership

“A key differentiator of Parachute is that they actively create a trusting partnership. This is accomplished through transparency, exceptional client service, and open communication. My dedicated Technical Account Manager makes proactive recommendations in person on a regular basis. They care. We interviewed many firms and we are so happy we invested with Parachute – they are a first-class team and are among the best of managed IT service providers.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider Client: Thomas Edison Charter Academy

Work Flow and Security Needs are Always Considered

“Parachute saved the day when we needed them most. IT projects have been performed on time and with exceptional care. Work flow and security needs are always considered. They are a trusted part of our school, ALWAYS putting the technology needs of our students first.”

Best Managed IT Services Provider: happy client NGCA

A Trusted Partner Who Truly Cares

“Parachute has been with us since the very beginning of our formation. The team has provided the processes and procedures as well as technical leadership needed to scale and grow our organization. With exceptional technical skill, they have addressed our organization’s high security needs. They are a trusted partner who truly cares about our team and our success.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider Client: Hinman & Carmichael

They Are Our Trusted Advisors

“It was through a great deal of due diligence that we found and hired Parachute. Our expectations are very high and Parachute delivers. We have a reliable and responsive IT department through their services. They are our trusted advisors, and by far, the best managed IT service provider for our team.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider Client: Motive Medical Intelligence

High Quality IT Services

“Parachute has provided high quality IT services to our company. The team has been responsive, professional, and have regularly gone above and beyond expectations to satisfy our needs. I appreciate both their technical expertise and their ability to communicate effectively with Motive’s staff on all levels.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider: client Sutton

Communication Skills are Exceptional

“Parachute is unique among managed IT service firms, because their communication skills are exceptional. The team is proactive, consistent, and timely – our firm could not do what we do without them. We have been working with them since 2006 because we want to be able to tell our clients we partner with one of the best IT companies on the West Coast to keep their data safe.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider Client: Mitzel Group

Their IT Consulting Approach is Top Notch

“The technology advice we have received from Parachute has been crucial to our firm. Their IT consulting approach is top notch. Parachute enables us to stay focused on our clients and never on IT issues. They have earned our trust and we feel quite confident that we chose the best managed IT service provider.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider Client: Next Generation

Parachute is Part of Our Family

“Parachute has thought through all of the issues a growing organization has to take into consideration, such as extensive security and mobility. We couldn’t be happier with the service. Parachute is part of our family and we absolutely love the partnership we have developed with them over the years.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider Client: SF Bay Financial

Proactive Approach and Exceptional Consultation

“Parachute has been a crutch for me to lean on with the expansion of my company. With their proactive approach and exceptional consultation, IT is the only part of my business I no longer have to think or worry about.”

Best Managed IT Service Provider Client: Dr. Cohen

Simply the Best Managed IT Service Provider

“Parachute has always been a wonderful partner for my endodontic practice. Because our practice is completely digitized, we cannot afford to be ‘down’ with Internet or application problems at any time. Parachute is immediately responsive, even nights and weekends. The team is friendly, professional and efficient—thank goodness! Not once have I ever been disappointed by Parachute, so I give them a 5-Star rating – they are simply the best managed IT service provider in the SF Bay Area.”

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IT Services Certifications and Partnerships

IT Services with Parachute: citrix
IT Services with Parachute: Microsoft
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Since 2003, Parachute has been building our reputation and long-term client relationships on transparency and clear communication. Our team designs and aligns customized IT solutions to meet our clients’ business needs and growth goals. If you’re wondering what it’s like to work with a personable managed IT service provider that always picks up the phone and and delivers the results promised, give us a call!

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